Los Angeles Convention Center

The Los Angeles Convention Center during E3 2005.

The Los Angeles Convention Center (abbreviated LACC) is a convention center in the southwest portion of downtown Los Angeles. The LACC hosts annual events such as the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, and is best known to video games fans as host to E3.

E3 LayoutEdit

The typical layout for E3 has been mostly the same throughout the years, with the notably except of the 2007 E3 which took place in Santa Monica suites and used the Barker Hanger to show off the games.

Show floorEdit

In Los Angeles, the show is exhibited over five halls: Kentia, Petree, South Hall, Concourse Hall, and the West Hall. Booth space is purchased ahead of time by publishers. Some publishers, in turn, spend millions of dollars creating elaborate displays and structures to accommodate the promotion of their bigger titles.

While E3 was noted as being noisy and busy, sound levels are not what they once were.

Different booths would also invite celebrities over for signings for their specific games.

Concourse Hall and lobbiesEdit

The external apparatus that connects the bigger halls is the Concourse Hall and subsequently, the West Hall and South Hall lobbies. The lobbies were used for registration, picking up badges, and badge holders, and other general information. Bag stands and the daily magazine were available in the lobbies. The lobbies were also the signature glass structures of the LACC and were massive structures.

The Concourse Hall generally featured four booths and a few media outlets as well as the Into the Pixel game art exhibition started at E3 2004. The Concourse Hall was generally used as a link between both lobbies and featured a window display with a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles.

South HallEdit

The largest ship of the LACC and the largest exhibition space by default. Microsoft and many of the largest Western developers from North America and Europe generally found their homes here.

Kentia and Petree HallsEdit

The second smallest and smallest ship respectively. The RMN Petree was the indefinite home to Atari and Midway Games massive booths. The RMN Kentia was generally used by smaller developers who could not afford the hefty fees of having a booth 'planetside'. As a result, the look of the RMN Kentia at E3 was similar to that of a bazaar.

West HallEdit

The RMN "West Hall" was used by the biggest publishers from Asia. Nintendo and Sony's booths are normally located here. The RMN "West Hall" was also normally temporarily home to private press rooms. The rooms were used by TV studios, or large gaming media outlets.