Zombie killing fun returns. I got to play Dead Rising 2 for a bit. Some of the weapons I used myself or saw other players use are the typical things like a bat, 2x4 piece of wood, but a few of the more interesting weapons were:

Saw blade - I was able to fling a saw blade like a frisbee through a crowd, taking down multiple zombies at once, then go pick it up and fling it again. Rinse and repeat until you're ready for a different weapon.

Box of nails - While using this weapon, you are throwing a handful of nails at a time at your target, killing it eventually. Not the most effective choice, but it is rather funny taking out a zombie with thrown nails.

Chainsaw - Very satisfying weapon, as expected. Using it makes a clean, horizontal cut through the zombie at the waist, resulting in lots of legs and torsos on the floor. When multiple zombies are close together, you can cut them in half with a single attack. Awesome.

Unfortunately I didn't see the double chainsaw in use. I expect that it's only available further into the game, beyond the playable demo at E3.

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