As many people have probably already read and heard about, Xbox Live along with Sega is planning on releasing many classic Dreamcast games including Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, and many other of greatest Dreamcast games ever.

Didn't have a Dreamcast at the time? Lucky for you, you will now have the opportunity to play some of the greatest games ever released. Most people will agree that Sonic Adventure was one of the last truly great Sonic games to be released before the so-called "downfall of Sonic." Recently at E3, I got the opportunity to play this game on the Xbox 360. It had been years since I had played this game - but it was still just amazing as I had remembered it. While the graphics hadn't been enhanced or re-mastered in anyway to make the game more "HD-friendly," the graphics still looked decent, which is pretty good considering the game came out twelve years ago. Joe - on the other hand got the opportunity to play Crazy Taxi again and he said that it also stood the test of time well.

I would recommend that any of you old school gamers or even younger fans who have never gotten the opportunity to play these games that you check them out. They are definitely a lot of fun and considered classics by many people.

Note: These games will also be available on the Playstation Network.