There has already been lots of hype in regards to the new Medal of Honor game. The one that is set to re-launch the series. While at E3, I got the opportunity to get my hands on this game.

How did the game stack up? The game stacked up pretty well. If first person shooter games are what you are into - then this game will definitely solve your fix. In comparision to other first person shooters like Call of Duty the pace seemed to be quicker. It also became apparent very quickly that unlike in Call of Duty, teamwork seems to play a lot stronger of an importance here. The level that I got to play in took place in a city with lots of objects to hide behind - it was important to definitely take cover and precaution before running out after an enemy. The level in the demo was also a pretty small map, which made for lots of quick up close and very intense battles.

Though I don't see Medal of Honor being the next "hit FPS", I think that it does have it's place at the top of the first person shooters. It successfully revitalizes the franchise. I'm very curious in being able to get the opportunity to see the single-player story mode in this game, because I think that the single player mode will be what makes it stand out from games like Call of Duty where in my opinion the story seemed to be extemely lackluster.