Not being a Harry Potter fan myself, I didn't really expect that I would take the opportunity to play this game. However, I saw that no one was currently playing the game and since it was open I figured that I would give it a shot.

In the demo that I played, I started out in an area where I first learned about the basics of the spells. I had some difficulty in knowing which spells did what since I wasn't familiar with the Harry Potter lore, however, I'm sure that anybody who is picking this game up for the first time could quickly learn which spells are the most effective. From there I proceeded to kill some of the enemies, which I was told by the guy running the game that they were the easiest enemies. Targeting of the enemies gave me some problems at first, but it was easy enough to catch on with the targeting system. After awhile, I started to get a hang of the game. However, I was put down quickly by the enemies and I didn't feel the need to continue on playing it.

Though it wasn't a game that I would normally play, I did learn that it is a decent game with decent gameplay and pretty good graphics. For fans of Harry Potter, they will definitely not be disappointed by this game.