Yesterday while at E3, I took the opportunity to give the new edition of the UFC game a chance. UFC 2010 definitely lives up to its' predecessor, while making a few improvements. For beginners, the character models seemed vastly improved and in many ways more realistic representations of the fighters they are modeled after. Also, the environments and the cage itself seem more crisp and vivid. Another thing that I noticed was that the lighting effects were vastly improved, the shadows on the fighters seemed to better portray how a spotlight would accurately display off the fighters.

I played the Xbox 360 version of this game, which I had only briefly played the previous version before. However, the controls were extremely simplistic and easy to get a hold of. I decisively won in the first round by using Mirko Cro Cop and knocking out my enemy. If you are a fan of the UFC and the first game, you should definitely check this game out. From everything that I've read and heard, the UFC game is leagues ahead of EA's Mixed Martial Arts Game.