I "almost" got the opportunity to play this game. I was standing in the line and got within one person of playing the game when I was told to move to another line so I decided not to go ahead and wait it. However, since I got incredibly close to the game I did get the opportunity to view the game up close and personal and make a few observations about the gameplay.

Being a casual Wii player, I am not a huge fan of using the controller in the standard vertical position, so I was delighted to observe that the majority of the gameplay of Metroid Other M takes place with the controller being held horizontally. Though, you do use the controller vertically in one of the most significant parts of the game. When the controller is held vertically, you can aim and point at objects. Through aiming and pointing, you will be able to shoot missiles into door locks which will be able to become unlocked this way.

Something else that I observed was that when Samus powers into a ball, the graphics are extremely well done for a Wii and they are extremely bright and vivid.

While I wish I would've got more of an opportunity to actually play Metroid Other M, I am glad to see what I did. The gameplay and the story both look extremely interesting. Make sure to pick up Metroid: Other M when it releases on August 31, 2010, you won't be disappointed.